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A new interest in me popped out last year. I didn't realize I had talent or may be the skill of writing poetry. I tried my best and this is what that turned out to be MINE. This is the finisihing of the piece entitled:

When i close my eyes,
The only thing I see is you inside,
With the bright light shining lies,
Faces smiling all day long when wind blows the tide.
The clock ticks, I see you,
The bell rings, I dream of you,
The wind blows, I feel you,
The bird sings, I think of you.

Without you in my world makes it empty,
Walking alone along the beach crying in pain,
No one, not even a soul can offer their sympathy,
Its you and only you who made me this vain.

The fire was burning and you poured water,
You were there always for me but now you disappear,
Leaving me,an innocent soul wondering how to make life without you better,
Drowning myself in buckets filled with lots of tears.

You know all this while how much you meant to me,
But you yourself gave me the precious golden apple away,
I don't know whether you were blinded and unable to see,
There was nothing but unconditional love that no one can pay.

I gave you all you needed in fact more,
The lies sprung never I expected,
When you confirm,sweat poured out tumbling each pore,
I didn't even think that the lies were true when detected.

Restaurant,cuisine all I went for,
You also gave me what i wanted but hollow,
Fun,joy and tears given but instead returned with bore,
Not knowing you were the devil, such a dumb fool I always follow.

I'm like a plant without food,
I'm like a song without word,
I'm like a clown without mood,
I'm like a garden without birds.

All the songs i sung its now silent,
Melodies flashes through hurts like thunder,
This whole period I was hiding behind beautiful talent,
That I myself didn't know how wonderful.

I lead the right path now,
Throwing you away deep down that drain,
Never again I kneel down to you and bow,
Never knew how much I went through to heal this unwounded pain.

Now the Sun is shining bright down on me,
Never to forget family and God's blessings,
I return to the old,funky and cheerful busy bee,
Not now to afford anyone in life with their missing.

Inspired by a book entitled Too Little Too Late.

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