Since I was chosen as the class monitor this year, I am taking the risk and chance to give out my idea on having a great JAMUAN that no one will ever forget.

As far as I'm concerned I have done my best in keeping 34 pupils under my watch. To the extend of keeping them quiet might be an issue because I myself cant do so. Come on!! No one is perfect and you cant change a persons nature of being themselves. Lets head back to the JAMUAN thingy. The main goal behind this is for all the classmates to be together-no splitting up here and there. So i decided to have a dinner and then followed by camping over at my place. There's this wide empty piece of land just right in front of my house. It will be nice for all of us to get together after a long break. Its for sure on the month of December .

Apparently some old folks still keeps their large head up to go somewhere else. Just imagine..Genting Highlands, Jusco Bukit Tinggi or Sunway Pyramid. I know it sounds like a total fun,first class all the way with all the attraction on us-the jacoons. Genting Highlands is a total "NO" because some cant afford for the humongous payment + its not safe for all of us to go up Genting Highlands as December falls in the rainy season category + its hard to get permission form the 'parents'. Just be rational..will my parents allow me to go on a trip to Genting Highlands alone with my friends?? ask yourself. Teacher might tag along but is she rejects then we are all alone. I'm not going to responsibility on this kind of matter. I'm like digging my own grave. Who ever suggested this then they are forced to take in charge of all-from A to Z.

Next option is Jusco Bukit Tinggi. What actually you guys want to do there. Shop till you drop. Some cant even do that because they come with budget in their pockets. We will end up walking and talking. The most we can do is to go for a movie. That's about all. Same case in Sunway Pyramid. One thing more that can be done there is ice skating but remember not everyone is willing to skate,humiliate themselves and get their panties all wet.

My inner volcano nearlt errupted when i got to know that the "ass holes" were not in this together. They should have confronted me that day itself or later on. Dont you guys try stepping on my head. Theres a limit to everything. Think guys!!! THINK. I might have it and I might just cancel the jamuan and use the money for donation to the orphanage. At least they benefit something from the class fund. God bless all this toxinated people!!!!!

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