Since its chinese new year..we have like a week of holidays. Half of the time is spent on doing homework. I have tonnes of homework. My mission for now: FINISH ALL HOMEWORK. I cant wait to get out and have some fun. Dont think i'll get the chance to do so. Im so loving my studies. Hahah. Turned into a nerd. If it takes to be a nerd to be an A"s scorer in SPM 2010, hell yah!!! i will be a nerd. Whatever it takes to be a scorer. I will sacrifice just for this year.

Jekyll and Hyde

I bet no one knows about you yet. Never will anyone in this world will understand the game your playing on earth. So angelic most of the times and fake smiles you potrey. Yet to know you are such a cruel devil with the most hurting words well memorised. I just hope you will take into consideration of your double split personality your living with. Get a doctor. Leave your 'denial world'. Make a change. Count your blessings. Mention the name of God and you'll be right where you belong!