Pn Mislia

Guess what...she is my maths teacher and i tell you what she is best teacher in the world. She teaches the white board,and it replies all her questions. Oh yeah she gets into most of my classmates nerves. Whenever we ask her any questions we are the one who end up cracking our head trying to figure out what she actually said or answered. Some doing their pending homework, some chit-chatting and blabbing away, some can even eat in her class, and all of us will be making noise. Hehehehahahaheheh...this is what our daily routiens are when its modern maths time.God help us and also help Pn Mislia.


Such a beautiful yet secrete name. Doralynne comes from the name Dora that refers to the Greed word 'doron'. It carries the meaning "GIFT", more to a "GIFT OF GOD". Thanks to Zanne and her lunatic idea of finding Christian names. I got into the heat on having a better name and more of my choice than my folks. I in fact am loving the name but its going to turn out bad when i speak a word to my dad about me and this nickname. I just wish I can be called as Doralynne than Diviya. Diviya also brings good luck and cherish but its is common among the Indians. Its a bit too lame that the name DIVYA is ranked as the most popular names on the Indian Baby Name Books. I'm just a bit lucky to have it spelt with an extra i after the consonant v. I am more to a unique kind of person and to suite with my characteristics, I would prefer Doralynne. A more sweeter yet a sexier name just in par with the person carrying the name. I have a task to do. I must look up the numerology book and check whether it is suitable for me or the other way round. Then ill post it up along with the tips how to befriend a person without knowing them but just by reading their life number. Interesting. Follow up with the posts.


Since I was chosen as the class monitor this year, I am taking the risk and chance to give out my idea on having a great JAMUAN that no one will ever forget.

As far as I'm concerned I have done my best in keeping 34 pupils under my watch. To the extend of keeping them quiet might be an issue because I myself cant do so. Come on!! No one is perfect and you cant change a persons nature of being themselves. Lets head back to the JAMUAN thingy. The main goal behind this is for all the classmates to be together-no splitting up here and there. So i decided to have a dinner and then followed by camping over at my place. There's this wide empty piece of land just right in front of my house. It will be nice for all of us to get together after a long break. Its for sure on the month of December .

Apparently some old folks still keeps their large head up to go somewhere else. Just imagine..Genting Highlands, Jusco Bukit Tinggi or Sunway Pyramid. I know it sounds like a total fun,first class all the way with all the attraction on us-the jacoons. Genting Highlands is a total "NO" because some cant afford for the humongous payment + its not safe for all of us to go up Genting Highlands as December falls in the rainy season category + its hard to get permission form the 'parents'. Just be rational..will my parents allow me to go on a trip to Genting Highlands alone with my friends?? ask yourself. Teacher might tag along but is she rejects then we are all alone. I'm not going to responsibility on this kind of matter. I'm like digging my own grave. Who ever suggested this then they are forced to take in charge of all-from A to Z.

Next option is Jusco Bukit Tinggi. What actually you guys want to do there. Shop till you drop. Some cant even do that because they come with budget in their pockets. We will end up walking and talking. The most we can do is to go for a movie. That's about all. Same case in Sunway Pyramid. One thing more that can be done there is ice skating but remember not everyone is willing to skate,humiliate themselves and get their panties all wet.

My inner volcano nearlt errupted when i got to know that the "ass holes" were not in this together. They should have confronted me that day itself or later on. Dont you guys try stepping on my head. Theres a limit to everything. Think guys!!! THINK. I might have it and I might just cancel the jamuan and use the money for donation to the orphanage. At least they benefit something from the class fund. God bless all this toxinated people!!!!!


The night passed and the morning was brighter. I felt warm skin pasted on the front of me. 'There you are' I shouted looking down the silk fabric covered my mealy naked body. There i was with my two piece black Audrey lingerie-cost a bomb. 'What a great night he replied with his morning breath hitting my nose. I was shocked,what had happen i asked. The first thing was am I still a virgin I asked myself. He then said nothing happen. It was so close though but u refused he sighed. Thank you Jesus I said. I showered and headed to work at the Donald Trump main office as his personal assistance. Making a cup of black coffee for Mr.Trump then i realized I attended a birthday party and got fenced up with shots after shots of f.o.c martinis. That European guy walked me back home and gosh he took the chance to sleep beside a VIRGIN. Its night now,and there I was just walking past the fifth avenue apartments to the next block to mine. Thinking how wonderful is my job i crawled back to bed and there again was the European guy again. Didn't know exactly what happen in between but then he was all over me and there was my Channel blouse tore at the sleeves. That was how aggressive he was. We kissed and then I got a tight slap realizing i just got up. After all it was just a DREAM.

Created by me

A new interest in me popped out last year. I didn't realize I had talent or may be the skill of writing poetry. I tried my best and this is what that turned out to be MINE. This is the finisihing of the piece entitled:

When i close my eyes,
The only thing I see is you inside,
With the bright light shining lies,
Faces smiling all day long when wind blows the tide.
The clock ticks, I see you,
The bell rings, I dream of you,
The wind blows, I feel you,
The bird sings, I think of you.

Without you in my world makes it empty,
Walking alone along the beach crying in pain,
No one, not even a soul can offer their sympathy,
Its you and only you who made me this vain.

The fire was burning and you poured water,
You were there always for me but now you disappear,
Leaving me,an innocent soul wondering how to make life without you better,
Drowning myself in buckets filled with lots of tears.

You know all this while how much you meant to me,
But you yourself gave me the precious golden apple away,
I don't know whether you were blinded and unable to see,
There was nothing but unconditional love that no one can pay.

I gave you all you needed in fact more,
The lies sprung never I expected,
When you confirm,sweat poured out tumbling each pore,
I didn't even think that the lies were true when detected.

Restaurant,cuisine all I went for,
You also gave me what i wanted but hollow,
Fun,joy and tears given but instead returned with bore,
Not knowing you were the devil, such a dumb fool I always follow.

I'm like a plant without food,
I'm like a song without word,
I'm like a clown without mood,
I'm like a garden without birds.

All the songs i sung its now silent,
Melodies flashes through hurts like thunder,
This whole period I was hiding behind beautiful talent,
That I myself didn't know how wonderful.

I lead the right path now,
Throwing you away deep down that drain,
Never again I kneel down to you and bow,
Never knew how much I went through to heal this unwounded pain.

Now the Sun is shining bright down on me,
Never to forget family and God's blessings,
I return to the old,funky and cheerful busy bee,
Not now to afford anyone in life with their missing.

Inspired by a book entitled Too Little Too Late.