The night passed and the morning was brighter. I felt warm skin pasted on the front of me. 'There you are' I shouted looking down the silk fabric covered my mealy naked body. There i was with my two piece black Audrey lingerie-cost a bomb. 'What a great night he replied with his morning breath hitting my nose. I was shocked,what had happen i asked. The first thing was am I still a virgin I asked myself. He then said nothing happen. It was so close though but u refused he sighed. Thank you Jesus I said. I showered and headed to work at the Donald Trump main office as his personal assistance. Making a cup of black coffee for Mr.Trump then i realized I attended a birthday party and got fenced up with shots after shots of f.o.c martinis. That European guy walked me back home and gosh he took the chance to sleep beside a VIRGIN. Its night now,and there I was just walking past the fifth avenue apartments to the next block to mine. Thinking how wonderful is my job i crawled back to bed and there again was the European guy again. Didn't know exactly what happen in between but then he was all over me and there was my Channel blouse tore at the sleeves. That was how aggressive he was. We kissed and then I got a tight slap realizing i just got up. After all it was just a DREAM.

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