Burning Heat

Promise is a promise...since I told you guys I'll be updating my blog now and then. "Damn!! I am a girl of my words-inherited. So much in my life has changed in just a short period of time.

I've been going to an orthopedic doctor since i was in standard 5. Dato' Hamid is the best efficient orthopedic doctor I've ever met. Back then he diagnosed me with 'knock knees'. Its to do with the legs which are not straight and that makes the knee knock against each other when I start walking. Till today I believe its cause by birth deformation. This makes me suffer in pain. Its a 24-7 pain. Only GOD understands what I'm going through now. Surgery was one of way out to deal with this problem but i was in a too young and at tender age to undergo a major operation. I was then taken to the an authentic specialist-place where they make fake body parts and body depending tools. There they gave me a blue knee guard to be worn every day- minus the bathing time and sleeping time. I wore it almost a year half and took them off when I was confident to myself that the pain is 'dead and gone.
Everything was going just fine but twisted turn when I made the decision to enter 'merentas desa' this year-2009. I've never participated in this kind of event in my old school neither in Smk P Bukit Kuda before and I-a fool decided to make a try. I successfully made it through but didn't even get into the top 100 list. I practically walked the whole journey through. That very next week I've been getting the pain i used to feel when i was in standard 5. Damn!! Not again i told myself. I endured the pain as much as i can till i reach a stage where I had to tell my parents about this that i was keeping them uninformed. They were shocked i got it back. My parents was so busy with their own affairs and i lied that the pain was bearable. Time passed by and I holed onto the pain until i came back from India. Then I cried to take me immediately to my mum and dad to take me to the doctors.
I was again brought to my orthopedic doctor, Dato' Hamid. He saw me and directed me to go for a x-ray. This time he said its not 'knock knees' but it even more complex. Its had worsen and now I'm a 'genu recuratum' patient. Its involving the back knee with hyper extended ligaments in the knee. The pain was tremendously bad so i was so ready to do surgery-it was very bad. I would do anything just to make the pain go away. But then again..my arse luck surgery is not possible because i if i do it i might want to do the surgery 4 years once. My mum unaccompanied me to a special room by itself to see what else can help me other than surgery and also exercise(swimming only). The specialist gave me a new brown braces for my legs. This prevents my knee muscles from stretching too much and bending back because it is locked at certain degrees.

Now,thank God. In his grace my dad met this lady when he was praying in the Buddhist temple. Apparently she is involved in a shoe making business where its aim is to cure people with leg,backbone,shoulders and etc problems. Its amazing seeing the DVD other patients has survived from various joints,ligaments,muscles problems. Its a shoe of magic. Its very pricey too.

I hope this shoe and the braces rectify my leg problem. I believe in you GOD.

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