Sorry guys!! I've been missing for such a long time.+I know some of you guys have been cursing me as soon as you open my blogger page and find out that I have not been updating. You"ll go like 'damn this idiot has not been updating her blog'. Heehaw..Yeah its so true..Ive been not updating my blog due to some irrelevant reasons- lazy,lazy and the word is lazy.

My life just turned upside down-I'm still living whatever its left
Ive been writing a lot of poetry-I'll post it soon
We just finished our ujian setara exam-I suck at exams
Kanchana is driving me up the wall-In a good way though
Mirosha is bugging me every single second-Damn that girl needs a zipper on her mouth.
I hate being the class monitor-but glad that my class has been wining "kelas terbersih" for the past 2 weeks-credits to my secreatary of cleaniness.
Ive not been well-Its been like the 12th day now.
Money out-my dad has spent alot on my deformed leg*genu recuratum*
Aunt-Ive 2 new nephews(Raashween & Isiah) + a niece (Shamita)
My dad is opening a new sister company- SEASONS FRESH AND FROZEN MART-come visit its in port klang though.

Thats all for now..I'll keep you guys updated. I PROMISE.

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