Yeaaaah. At last..the time has arrived for me to pack and fly to India. The best part is we get to get together(maternal family) and pray at the same time. Love them to the max!!! I heart each one of you!!! Estimated 21 of us are going + vishal. We are gonna visit many temples..and im gonna wish for all my problems that im facing will dissapear *in god's willing. We will be there for 8 days. When there is a smile,there will always be a frown too. My exam is starting on the 13th. I'll only touch down in Malaysia in the evening or so. Missing many days of school,lesson and tips for exam. But wth,ill give up that just to spend time wit my loved ones. This is gonna be quality time together because no phone call disturbance,no sudden meeting and so on. Thank you guys for leaving all ur duty behind for this trip.

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