Woke up and realised it was already 8am.

Quickly had my bath, breakfast and rushed to tuition. leceh. I had to fill up dat stupid blue form to pay tuition fees. I dont know why they have such system. Its good..systematicly feed paying but ahhh so irritating. On top of that must write double..and they have symbols for subjects. Issshhh. I decided to drop add maths coz its bugging my life. I feel the teacher is a bit too fast + i registered for that class late. Missed out alot especailly on the first few chapters. No foundation so consfuse la. Picked up notes then headed for classes.

1.Chemy class: Yawned a trillion times until Mr.Mani also got tired of looking at me in his saturday chem class because i'll be only one yawning like a morron. Chemy is not my favourite subject because ah its has alot of formula and this and that to memorise.

2.Physics class: Started late due to an emergency case. Mr.Yeoh had to rush his daughter to the clinic. Pity her and him also. We had some fun time whil he was gone. I and amira(classmate) disturbed vincent(samad-used to be class mate) with a gurl that we thought he ws so close with. turned to be..she ws nt his special gf but they were just friends. In class i was yawning away but Mr.Yeoh spiced up the class with jokes and his presentation sort of thingy la.

Yeaa..class over!!!

Got my ass into the car and headed of to chitti's hs(6th mummy) to pack up the junks we bought. GOD!!! It looks like we r coming back with added pounds on the buttts!!! Thanks deepa for the book. It is really good babe!!

Had to go back early because agathes(smks9 friend) and family are coming to the house. Visiting i guess.They came and things went well. I served them cake and we chat. This is how my weeked runs. So lame rite!! Because THE lame king is ruling the house.

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