New Leaf

I have been judged many times(uncountable,may be million,billion,trillion) by friends,relatives and close family members. Mostly about how i behave,how i dress,how i laugh,how i walk,how i talk,how i look, and so oonnnn.....So now the new diviya has poped up. I dont care what people think about the new DIVIYA!! I know myself better and god knows me even more better. Im gonna open my mouth when required only. Leaving all my bad words behind. Never gonna say it out to that person but gonna keep dat person and what he or she pointed out way deep in my heart so that the person cannot be forgotten easily in a bad and nasty way. Finally ur names can be scratched onto my heart. Once it is never can be cured in a slip of a second. Family,friends and even teachers can notice cleary about my changes but hey its for the betterment. Win win situation is gained by me having a new personality. I dont get hurt by ur words and you are in good books with me. Simple as abc. First they might have an round off oppinion dat im undergoing depression. May be i am, may be im not. Who knows??? Sorry if i have made you think and worry about me. I dont want attention n fake love. I just wish i would have never been surrounded by this kind of irrelevant human beings. "siapa yang makan cili,dialah yang rasa pedasnya". So this is how i am. Take it as it is. If u cant..paint me invisible.

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