School transferring is a very difficult process. Documents are at error, never a bid issue but friends, teacher’s, the class environment and the school’s environment are some real issues that I cant seem to get it off from this little mind of mine. It’s been extremely though these few weeks with the piles and piles of problem stacking up but I’ve learnt to handle all those. The friendship I had with those wonderful people, I will always cherish until my very last breath. For my conscious, I’ve never did anything great for them to miss me that much.

On the 2nd of September I went to my new school but they didn’t allow me to register in the school as I didn’t have any proper documents from my former school( Smk P Bukit Kuda). So I decided to go to my ex-school with my darling mother.

First, I headed to the teachers staffroom to settle all the documents issues with my class teacher Pn Fatimah a.k.a “4sc2 mother”. Then I chatted with Pn Shirly-THE Best Est teacher anyone could have. We both shed some tears together as I told what actually was going on. I couldn’t speak much to Pn Faizatul –THE Best English teacher because I couldn’t hold back my tears and that I have told her about it earlier. She will always remain as the best English teacher in my heart. I will always remember all the teachers who shared their knowledge with me. You guys are the bet and will still remain as the best.

While I was still in the staffroom, the angels (4sc2 girls) surrounded me. I offered them a deal that I will see them in class after recess time. So I did as what I promise. I walked past the brown painted doors with the Merdeka balls I did hanging above my head. I could just feel the sadness in the class atmosphere. At that time it was EST lessons going on so I asked Pn Shirly’s permission for me to say some few last words and indeed she allowed.

My lips was moving, ’hmm’ ‘hmm’ ‘hmm’ ‘hmm’ repeated each sentence I preached. Eyes rolling up, down, right, center,my voice was breaking, and ‘bhhooooosh’ down rushed the tears on my pink cheeks. That was the beginning. I wouldn’t call it a speech but its was more like a farewell message. I started with announcing my transfer then the apology came along and ended with wishes for all of t them. Oops! I forgot the past where I apologized on not having the gathering this year over at my place. At first I told myself not to fall into tears but eventually I did what I wasn’t planning to do. Practically all of them were in tears when I talked in front. Only a handful was strong. The friends I expected for them to be happy on my transfer also cried along. On that particular day I cried and cried and cried the whole day and guess what??! the very next day I fell sick.

I didn’t take much time of the EST lesson- ‘I think so’. I walked back to the staffroom to get more documents and Pn Fatimah told me that my mum just left. She gave me some cash for me to have my lunch and was rushing to go somewhere. I took a walk back to canteen as my stomach was already growling. I looked all around and wondered what I wanted to fill my stomach with. After a good 3 minutes of walking I decided to take the Yong Tau Foo. I ate that and got myself drink. I was full and ready to go back but I couldn’t even see the shadow of my mother.

The school ended and my mum has not arrived. I watched all the girls go back and said my last goodbye. I spent some time with some of them who was still waiting for transports to arrive and for teacher to be out from the meeting. I went back with a sad face that I can’t see them often anymore but with a happy spirit. I didn’t go back empty handed. Mariyaee gave me a container of chocolate cake which she signed but now disappeared, teacher gave her purple hari sukan bag, Kanchana gave me a some sort of like merdeka badge with her sign on it and the 4sc2 girls gave me a colour roll paper with all the love messages, wishes for me with their signatures added to the message. Thanks people! I’m still having all those wonderful memorable things of yours. You need not need to buy anything special need to buy anything special from all of you but the things that was given is priceless.

P.S: I love you guys so much. I miss you’ll so much. Our times we spent together now only stay as memories. At times good and at times bad. Study smart! I'm always there for you guys. Just give me a RING and I’ll be there. God bless each every soul from harm,danger and death.

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