DNS Gathering

It was held on 24.08.2009, Tuesday at the Klang Hokkien Hall. This event was organized by the Sultan Abdul Samad School’s Red Crescent members. I didn’t know anything about it until I was invited to attend the event by one of their organizers, Mr. Kind Dude (Thuan Jian). I arrived there quite late but Mr. Kind Dude himself arrived later because he had no heart to miss his tuition class. So much for that, the starting of the event was a little of a yawning moment for me. It was good though. I attended the event with a mission. I wish I can accomplish it. As soon as I stepped my both foot onto the building floor. Guess what! I was shocked. Most who attended the gathering was all Chinese. Minority was the Indian and the Malays. I could handle that because I’m not a RACIST like some people were wining about. The juniors were so sweet to think and reward their seniors for all their sweating moments in bringing up their team among the other Red Crescent teams in the Klang district. Welcoming the V.I.P and the first few performances was good. Then came the moment we were all waiting for “DINNER”. They had an assortment of food served. I personally extremely loved the sausages. After eating, we were then hosted to another session of entertainment. Love it baby!! Pooff lights went off leaving behind the lantern lighted up. The empty hall looked exotic that night. Then, a girl sang. Damn she was good-God gifted. I was just about having fun until my mum turned up at the door to pick me up. I’m more to a descent girl. So, I decided not to stay up so long till the end of the event. I wished I could attend something like this again. I took some pictures. It was so awesome. I looked nice in most of the pictures. Yeah me!I cant put up the pictures in here but you can check out my facebook profile!

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