Now back on Blogger! Things That are Missed Out..

Ive been super busy with stuff lately.. till no time was given priority to my blog. MY BAD!!
So heads up readers!! This is what took place after the last post i posted! THE TRANSFER thingy right??!!
1. Made alot of new friends. Thanks guys for making me feel more at ‘home’! love you guys.
2. Having lots of fun with my loved ones without that plastic human figure in my life who kept on restraining us from doing so.
3. I went for this Red Crescent Night in Hokkien Hall. Even though the crowd was conquered by the Chinese members...I still had fun though. Thank god DIVYA SHARMATHY came along to accompany me throughout the night. Oh ya! Thanks for inviting THUAN JIAN!!
4. Lalithya’s and mum’s birthday was respectively on the 3rd and 5th of September. That weekend we all gathered at SHANG VILLA for a very small celebration. We had good lunch then some home-baked cake! Boy it was so the delicious!! Kissed and hugs!! Love you guys till death do us part!
5. Priya akka’s engagement took place grandly in a temple in Butterworth. Had some vegetarian food and a good night sleep in a chalet 10 minutes drive away from the temple. Back to Kuala Lumpur the very next morning.
6. Then end year exams came along. First time seating for an exam in the new school...the format was the same and that was the only similarity while the marking system was totally different. But what the fuck!! Who the hell cares!! I scored though!! 
7. Then came my birthday. Will have a special post for my birthday stuff! Yeah baby!!! I’m so officially 16!!
8. Just after 3 days, I went on a trip to India again for a 12 day trip. Had fun with my iPod and my Cecelia Ahern book. Will write more on the trip to India.
9. On the 22nd of November(if I’m not mistaken), Priya Akka got married. Was a tiring trip but chit-chatted most if the time. Kuala Kangsar was the venue. Then travelled down back to Butterworth for the wedding reception. It was in Chinese school hall-air conditioned(thank god). The cake looked gorgeous and tasted so good too. The deco was a –GOOD JOB DONE-!!!!

I think that’s about it. I hope blogging often and studying at the same time will be one of my resolutions for next year. Till the next post.

xo Diviya xo

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